London Baby (32 Weeks). No, I am not pregnant

And so it has been 32 weeks in London. No one drinks tea in tea london babycups at tea parties, water isn’t pronounced ‘wotah’ but ‘wo-ah’ and I now fully understand what is meant by unforgiving nature (ie, biting cold).

So a few things about London that might interest my non-London mostly Kenyan readers…

The water tastes weird. They say its hard water. It’s slimy and doesn’t lather.

London is heavily multi-cultural. Just to put it into perspective; I have 5 out of 30 English friends. And only 2 are white English. The other three are born and raised British but have origins from India, Jamaica (waguan) and Albania. All of my other friends comprise of a mix of nationalities ranging from Italian, Danish, Russian, and American to Portuguese, Romanian, French and Mexican. Also, this is just my feeling but in America I was very aware of the fact that I was black/African. Here, not so much.

When it is cold in England you can’t ignore the weather forecast and hope that a scarf will serve as both a coat and umbrella. You will need the scarf and you will need the umbrella. Plus three layers of clothing as well as a winter coat. Gloves included in the heart of winter where it’s about minus 2 to 3 degrees. Yes and they said it was a mild winter. Hello Spring.

Londoners bitch and moan about the ‘poor’ transport system but really its wonderful coming from matatu beba beba land. But note,  transport is not cheap. Here, using public transport to and from work actually puts a dent on your wallet. God forbid if you have to switch from tube to train then bus.

The city is sprawling and I mean sprawling like ants (strong black army ants), with beautiful, black, handsome, well built, men. Thanks Jesus. >Insert Sarafina’s ‘Our Father’ track<

A lot of people smoke cigarettes here. Everywhere you look when you’re outdoors there is someone(s) holding a cigarette. Do not stare. I found most surprising to be the aged with heir walking sticks and frail postures puffing away, in death defying rebellion…  The women too-there is no shame to smoke in public even if you are pushing a baby carriage with one arm and smoking with the other. No judgement.

Just to give you a rough idea of how much you might need when going out, a regular shot of whatever liquor is roughly £3.50 to £4.00 in the cheaper parts of London. That estimates to about Ksh 550 per shot? Yeah. No 100 bob Molly’s shots here.

I’m afraid that’s all I can come up with today. I am knee deep in my studies and balancing work, school, gym and a social life leaves hardly any room to blog. All in all I am thoroughly enjoying this city. Please call me when you come around.




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