Nothing Much…

Got a lot of responses from my last post. Appreciate it all. Unfortunately I don’t write every week but only when I feel compelled to write. Writing is my avenue to express my thoughts calmly and peacefully with the aid of auto correct and the delete key-because in real life I am very talkative and have hardly any filter (smile). I am therefore afraid to taint this process with a schedule.

I was reading through my personal diary this past weekend and I came across an entry that I put in on 8.12.2015. It is closely related to my previous post and so decided it would be nice to share it. Sort of as an extension of the other post. Sometimes it’s interesting to see where you were mentally at certain times in your past which is why I write a diary. Also because I want my grand kids to know who I was and that I wasn’t always old and backward… And so that they can see that life’s shitty problems were still the same in the early 2000’s and maybe be inspired by my my journey to keep on keepin’ on :-).

I was 4 days away from my flight back to Nairobi. blog 1

blog 2




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